Osumi Canyons & Pirogoshi Cave

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This is a very dynamic and adventurous full day tour, departing from our office at 8:30 in the morning and getting back to the city around 10 hours later. Pirogoshi cave is 60 km from the city center, so we have a little break on the way, near Polican. When we reach the area, we need to have a 20 min walk to the entrance of the cave and to experience the transition from the nowadays world to the mystical world that offers the cave. Pirogoshi cave is near the canyon of Gradeci, it is 5m high and around 30m wide, surrounded by limestone cliffs. It is considered as an underground labyrinth because of its different extensions, large halls and narrow galleries along the 1,2 km of its length. There we will be able to see beautiful natural phenomena like stalactites, stalagmites, stony waterfalls and bats flying over.

After this tour in the underground world, we get back to reality and depart toward Osumi canyons for another adventure. On the way we will see several sights of interest of this are. The first stop will be at the place called ‘Qarkorja e Flamurit’, from where the impressive view of the canyons can be enjoyed. And of course, a lot of pictures to be taken! The next stop is in a very interesting place called ‘Vrima e Nuses’ (the bride’s hole), a mini cave that is expressed by the legends of the area as the place where a girl married against her will disappeared after praying to God; the legend says that the rock opened this cave so that the girl could hide. Our guide will provide further explanations and interesting facts about this cave.

The last stop before reaching the canyons is a famous bridge named as ‘Ura e Zaberzanit’. Apart from taking beautiful pictures as well there is the possibility to have a 20 min walk in there as well.

After all the background information we’ve got until now, we are ready for a real hike (around 2hrs) to explore the canyon, reach the river and walk along it or even swim, upon preference.

*among the accessories needed for this tour are mountain shoes in order to have a better exploring experience

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