Roshnik village and Alpeta Winery wine tasting

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Roshnik is a well known village in the area of Berat and often it is called as the cleanest and one of the most civilized villages. This is probably related to its geographic position (12,5km from the city) and its infrastructure; the road is asphalted making it easily reachable from the tourists. We will travel for around 25 minutes to enjoy the greenness and the pleasure that the regularity of vineyards transmits.

We will have a walk through the vineyards and the fields, and then visit the 300 year old house of a famous family in there, Qyperlinj, a family which held important governmental post during the Ottoman Empire era. After that we will also visit the mosque of the village, which is relatively new and is characterized by an interesting architecture.

Another famous family of the village is Fiska, a family who now runs an agrotourism and produces its own wine and raki (traditional Albanian alcoholic drink). We will have a break in the premises of the winery to get introduced to the process of wine making and taste different types of wines and the two types of raki as well, the white and brown one. Roshnik is also famous for its dried fig production, so we will be able to accompany wine tasting with some nice dried figs, types of cheeses etc.

We have visited all the sights of interest of the village and its now time to enjoy the local traditional food too. The restaurant is part of the agrotourism of Fiska family, and they make sure to prepare everything with products from their villagers, that’s why everything comes out to be delicious!

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