Audioguide compared to a classic tour with guide offers three important advantages


This service will be offered in 11 different languages, since we have as objective to serve information in native language, to increase the compression of information and reset the inconvenience and difficulties of foreign language. The languages that we can offer are English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greece, Turkish, Russian, Chinese and Albanian!.


Which means that any visitor who comes with his family or his friends will be provided the same information as a classic tour with guide, but can do it all day long -not limited to the time of the tour guide- enjoying being together with friends or family in this beautifull city, overflowing during the centuries of history, culture and tradition..


The cost of using this service is reduced more than double comparing with the classic tour with guide, but can still be reduced because it offers the possibility of being used in two, thanks to the two jack-ports for earphones. But that’s not all! The audio guide is accompanied by an animated map that will facilitate to find sites of historical and cultural significance and thus will facilitate the tour. The information on the audio guides are official!.


You'll start at
1001 Albanian Adventures
Berat Castle
Stop: 60 minutes – Admission excluded
Quarter Of Gorica
Stop: 10 minutes
Gorica Bridge
Stop: 15 minutes
National Iconographic Museum Onufri
Stop: 20 minutes – Admission excluded


Dear Sirs, I would like to thank "1001 Albanian Adventures" for organising me a tour from Tirana to Prizren. In the time the pandemy affected all travellers around the world, the information in Internet is diverse and contradictionary. Some websites say, that the borders are open, calls to other give the answer, that you need covid-test, what takes time and money. In such region, like Montenegro-Albania-Kosovo, you even get different timetables for bus departures - or even totally no information about it. "1001 Albanian Adventures" and especially Erilda herself made my trip from Albania to Kosovo possible. He was always available for my questions per Facebook, even apart her working hours, in the evening. She organised for me a "half-tour" to Prisren from Tirana, following my budget, so that I could go further to Pristina Airport. I felt safe and cared about and want to say thank you! Ana S, Germany
Jul 2020

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