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Our Story

We are the adventurous four: Erilda, Geraldo, Suljan, and Gentjan and we want you to enjoy Berat as much as we do! Back in 2014, still in our 20s, as active members of the Catholic community in our city, we took a life-altering route after winning the first prize for the best startup idea at a business competition. Our motivation was to develop sustainable tourism in our country, taking an innovative approach combining eco, agri, and rural tourism all in one. Through a grant for youth startups, we invested in the audio-guide product – an innovation for Berat tourism at the time. Ever since, we have grown to provide more opportunities to the locals. We have established a social enterprise that engages especially youth and rural women in gainful activities and employment opportunities. Berat and Albania have such a richness of amazing places to experience and adventures available in the wilds. Our tours and holiday packages are crafted to ensure that you experience the soul of Berat and Albania. Through our bespoke tours you will go on outdoor adventures, immerse yourselves into the history of the area, allow the rich spiritual and culture heritage imbue your time in the country, and go on a gustatory journey of the region’s flavors. We would love to be your guides on all that our country has to offer. With “1001 Albanian Adventures” you will live memorable moments, to come back again!

All pictures are taken during our tours!

Our Mission

We aim to promote the historical, cultural and natural monuments of the whole region of Berat, by developing a sustainable form of tourism to foster rural, social and economic development. Join us!

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