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1001 Albanian Adventures was created as a response to the requests and ‘complaints’ we heard from occasional visitors, but also from our foreign friends, about the lack or very limited number of tourist guides in our city, Berat. Despite the fact that Berat is a city which welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, the presence of tourist guides still remains one of the main challenges of tourism sector. Driven by this fact as well as by the priority that start-up competitions got in 2014-2015, we, 5 young people, decided to participate in the 3-month training entitled 'Learn to be an entrepreneur’, offered by the organization ENGIM International and Italian Development Cooperation Fund, which would offer funding opportunities for the best ideas.

Our main idea was bringing a new touristic service in Berat, the Audio guide. Luckily, at the end of the quarter we were ranked first in the business idea competition, and won a grant of 4000 euros, with which we acquired the necessary equipment to provide the audio guide service. After about a year of work with the preparation of the material, finding a suitable environment and creating a team, the touristic season of 2016 found us, 5 young people in their 20s in function as a local tour operator that brought the audio guide service in several languages ​​(Albanian, Italian, French , English). Today, our team consists of 4 stable youngsters, as well as some others who are added to the team during the tourist season. We try to help the local economy as much as possible by providing employment opportunities for young people, farmers and artisans in the area, and by following a revenue-sharing scheme. At 1001 Albanian Adventures, we are focused on offering touristic services, one and several day trips, holiday tourist packages, etc., which promote the cultural, historical and natural potential that Berat region has.

We try to develop these activities in a sustainable way without harming nature, implementing a form of responsible tourism, which protects nature, has a positive impact on the local community, as well as encourages the further development of similar initiatives. In addition to tourism activities, we have recently been and are part of several local and international projects which focus on encouraging young people towards entrepreneurship in this sector. Through these projects it has been possible to train and exchange experiences for more than 30 young people of the city, the certification of 4 young people who can work as tourist guides during the tourist season, as well as it has become possible to mark hiking trails accompanied with the map of the national park 'Tomorri Mountain', the construction of several relax areas in the park, as well as the purchase of some accessories necessary for touristic activities, which is expected to increase the number of visitors, the functions of the whole park and have its impact on local economy. Follow us for further developments!

All pictures are taken during our tours!

Our Mission

We aim to promote the historical, cultural and natural monuments of the whole region of Berat, by developing a sustainable form of tourism to foster rural, social and economic development. Join us!

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