“My experience of social business” Online Social Forum

Yunus Center for Social Business and Sustainability has organized on January 27 th,  2021 an online social forum titled “My experience of social business”.  In the last decades, the idea of planning a business model has changed, making it a must for the development of social businesses. We had the pleasure to have among us Mrs. Erilda Duzha, the successful entrepreneur of “1001 Albanian Adventures” and “The Solidarity Shop” located in Berat. Mrs.Duzha shared with our students her personal experience
on building a business model through a well-planned startup idea, to later use this business model to create apositive impact in local society.

Mrs. Duzha encouraged the students to go through building a social business model and offered her personal support to guide them from transforming an idea in an impactful business.
Yunus Center for Social Business and Sustainability is thankful to everyone who has shown interest in the open  forum event and hopes in other fruitful cooperation’s and events.
“The change always begins from an idea”!

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