Feeling more adventurous and daring than usual, ready to take on a new destination on your own? We love the spirit of our audacious travelers and are more than prepared to pair you up with an invisible guide to elevate your experience. Our audio-guide package allows you to fully immerse into a self-paced journey of discovery. Listen to the historical facts, the carefully woven narratives, and enticing facts about the culture, tradition, and the old days of Berat – the City of Overlaid Windows. The audio-guide is provided in English, French, Italian, and Albanian. The animated map that comes with the portable audio device will make it easier to locate the important historical and cultural sites. Bonus point: the device has two jack-ports for earphones, so you can enjoy your Berat expedition with a friend, all day long, inserting the much-needed breaks to taste local delicacies between one site of interest to another.


You'll start at
1001 Albanian Adventures
Berat Castle
Stop: 60 minutes – Admission excluded
Quarter Of Gorica
Stop: 20 minutes
Gorica Bridge
Stop: 10 minutes
National Iconographic Museum Onufri
Stop: 20 minutes – Admission excluded
You'll end at


We discovered the tourist office by chance as soon as we arrived in Berat, it is the second on the right after the mosque in the road leading to the castle. The girl who welcomed us, Erilda, was very kind and professional, she told us about Berat and Albania in general and was fundamental with her advice and suggestions. We used the audio guide service and it was very useful to discover and get to know all the most interesting sites in Berat. Absolutely to be recommended. In the office there are also numerous souvenirs and typical products that can be purchased at very low prices.
Manuela B
Sep 2021

 5/device + earphone + map

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